Online learning has entered the mainstream of the higher education enterprise. Over two million students are enrolled in online courses in the United States, and the online market is growing at a rate of 25 percent per year (Sloan Consortium 2005 and Ruth 2006). This interest may grow, given the recent increase in gasoline prices (see Chronicle of Higher Education article).

Lawrence Technological University, established in 1932, has always delivered high quality courses for working professionals. LTU provides traditional and hybrid (partly on-ground and partly online) courses on evenings and weekends, and delivers courses on its Southfield campus and at several education centers in southeast Michigan, northern Michigan, Canada, and throughout the world.

LTU has responded to the online learning movement and to the request of our students by establishing LTU Online. With this new initiative, our intention is not to follow but rather to lead in the delivery of online programs by using best practices, leveraging our significant technology resources, and designing courses that are true to our motto of "Theory and Practice."

You are aware that you have many choices for enrolling in online course and degree programs. So why should you consider Lawrence Technological University? We believe that LTU Online is designed from the ground up to be an exemplary online learning program:

  1. A Singular Mission - LTU Online is funded by the President and Provost with the mission of developing and delivering high-quality online courses.
  2. Designed Around Best Practices - LTU Online is designed based on best practices for online learning developed by the North Central Association, the Sloan Consortium, and other professional organizations dedicated to online learning.
  3. Theory and Practice - LTU Online courses are designed around our motto of "Theory and Practice," providing not only sound theoretical content but also opportunities to apply theory into the real world.
  4. Technology Based - LTU Online courses use a variety of instructional delivery technologies including the canvas course management system, discussion forums, on-demand lecture presentations, streaming video, group collaboration software, and other software appropriate to individual classes.
  5. Expert Faculty and Staff - LTU Online courses are developed by expert faculty members with industry experiences, assisted by skilled instructional developers using a formal methodology to insure that all courses are designed with the same high standards.
  6. Community Focused - LTU Online courses incorporate features to encourage students and faculty to create and maintain an online community of learning.
  7. Faculty Training and Support - LTU Online faculty members receive formal training in the administration of online courses, and are mentored and coached during the course by LTU Online staff.
  8. Continuous Improvement - Students are encouraged to make suggestions for improvement of LTU Online courses during and after the course.

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