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LTU Online uses a variety of instructional technology tools to develop and deploy online courses. This section provides basic documentation for instructors to learn about these tools and to help them prepare content for deployment in LTU Online.


Description:  Blackboard is LTU's course management system.  Lawrence Tech currently uses two major Blackboard applications, the Portal System and the Learning System.  Log on to Blackboard at  All users, courses, faculty assignments, and student enrollments are automatically setup and are pulled from Banner, Lawrence Technological University’s Student Information System.  Usernames are in the format of your first initials of your first and last name followed by your nine-digit Banner ID number. Example: Jane Doe, 000012345. Username would be jd000012345.

Web references:

Blackboard FAQs


University of Miami's Blackboard Instructional Modules
(includes UM-specific instructions)

 PDF guide:

Blackboard Instructor Manual






Description: Lawrence Tech uses Sungard-SCT's Banner enterprise resource planning system. Faculty members use Banner to maintain their personal information, to view payroll information, to view class information, and to enter their grades.





Linking Digital Library Resources in Blackboard

Description: The Lawrence Tech Library provides access to thousands of full-text academic, trade, and popular journals as well as thousands of e-books. Digital library resources can be incorporated into Blackboard course sites using the Library's EZ-Proxy service and persistent URLs. The presentation below shows you how to identify digital library resources, how to construct an EX-Proxy URL, and how to load the URL into a Blackboard course.




Description: SafeAssignment is an anti-plagiarism tool built into Lawrence Tech's Blackboard environment. SafeAssignment checks submitted student assignments against a database of documents crawled from the Internet and from prior assignments submitted by Lawrence Tech students. We recommend that SafeAssignment be used as a teaching tool to inform students of potential plagiarism prior to submitting their work for instructor evaluation.





ImpaticaTM  for Powerpoint

Description:  impatica converts narrated PowerPoint slide presentations into streaming video content. It presents content within a Java runtime environment, greatly compressing files sizes.






Description:  Macromedia Captivate automatically records all on screen actions and instantly creates an interactive Flash simulation. Point and click to add text captions, narration, and e-learning interactions without any programming knowledge.

Web references:

Adobe Product Site

PDF guides:

Getting Started


User Guide

Live ClassroomTM

Description: Horizon Wimba's Live Classroom adds a suite of of synchronous collaboration tools to the Blackboard, including a presentation environment, whiteboard, student chat, video, and desktop application sharing. Live Classroom is available to all Blackboard course sections offered at Lawrence Tech.





Description: Instructors can create MP3 audio files for downloading or streaming to student's desktops or MP3 players. There are many ways to capture and produce MP3 mini-lectures. MP3 files can be loaded directly to Blackboard or can be streamed from Lawrence Tech's streaming media servers.


Vendor Web sites:   Dubit - from TechSmith Corporation - one of many audio file editors
   Audacity - one of many audio file editors