Online Student Services

It's easy to apply and register for courses at LTU. All application, financial aid, registration, and payment processes are handled online and are supported by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Here's how to get started!

1. Applying to LTU

All students wishing to take LTU Online courses must be admitted to an LTU degree or certificate program, and must meet the prerequisite requirements for each course.  There are no special admissions procedures for taking LTU Online courses.

Application to LTU is easy and online! Apply today!

2. Working With Your Academic Advisor

Once admitted to LTU, be sure to collaborate with your academic advisor to select the courses most appropriate to your academic goals. At LTU you have the choice between traditional, hybrid (part on-ground and part online) and fully online courses. Remember that your academic program is the key to your future success, so select the right courses for you, and then evaluate the delivery options available.

See your academic program web site for academic advising information!

3. Obtaining Financial Aid

If you need financial aid to support your academic efforts, LTU is ready to help by linking you with financial aid, grant, scholarship, or student loan opportunities. Your employer may provide tuition assistance so be sure to check with your company's human resources department. All students seeking financial aid must start the process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete the FAFSA now! Check out your financial aid options with the LTU Financial Aid office!

4. Registering for LTU Online Courses

All LTU Online courses are listed in LTU's BannerWeb system using the campus code "OL" and are listed on the LTU Online home page. Credit for online courses are the same as for traditional or hybrid courses. Tuition for LTU Online classes is listed at the top of each semester schedule. 

Once you register for a class, access to the Blackboard class will be established within several hours. If you do not have access to your class within 24 hours, please contact the LTU Online office for assistance.

Registering for LTU Online classes is easy and online! Register today!

5. Assistance is Always Available

LTU staff are happy to assist you with any University process. Consult the LTU Web Site for contact information for University departments. LTU Online staff are happy to assist you as well for any issue dealing with LTU Online classes.

Help is only an email message away!