Online Faculty Position Description

Position Title - Online Adjunct Instructor 
Lawrence Technological University seeks academically qualified and experienced online adjunct instructors for teaching opportunities with LTU Online.

Position Summary

  • Provide Theory and Practice education through learner-centered instruction that will enable graduates to fulfill their career objectives.
  • Instruct and facilitate a meaningful learning experience of the course competencies in the curriculum and proactively support all facets of the LTU online learning environment.
  • Foster and encourage an online culture of learning that values mutual responsibility, life-long learning, diversity, and ethics as well as personal and professional development.  

Key Job Elements

  • Provides competency-based education
  • Delivers online class instruction of the LTU Online approved online course
  • Enables student exit competencies
  • Delivers learner-centered instruction through distance delivery mechanisms
  • Encourages student success
  • Manages the online class environment
  • Contributes to a culture of learning
  • Relates industry experience to learning 

Position Requirements

  • A minimum Masters Degree (preferably a Ph.D. or equivalent degree) in the area of the teaching discipline is required of all LTU Online teaching faculty.
  • Successful teaching experience of at least 24 recent graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline from a regionally accredited institution, supported by prior teaching evaluations.  At least 9 of these semester hours must have been taught in hybrid or online environments.
  • Credentials and workplace experience directly related to the LTU Online course(s) of interest.
  • Successful completion of the LTU Online Facilitator Training course.
  • Letters of recommendation from a faculty colleague and from an experienced online educator.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Willingness to work in an accelerated learning format and to work online with students on a daily basis.
  • Access to personal computer, broadband Internet services, and other requirements set forth on the web site.