What Personal Technologies Do I Need To Take LTU Online Courses?

Students taking LTU Online courses should have their own desktop or laptop computer and a broadband Internet connection to take advantage of the multimedia components of LTU online courses. Cable modem or DSL connections are equally capable of delivery for LTU Online classes.

Each LTU Online class has its own Blackboard class web site. Note that some corporate firewalls will prevent you from accessing Blackboard or multimedia learning resources. Check with your corporate network administrator if you plan to use your corporate network to participate in LTU Online classes. Once you register for a class, access to the Blackboard class will be established within several hours. If you do not have access to your class within 24 hours, please contact the eLearning Services office for assistance.

Your desktop or laptop should have either Microsoft Office or Open Office for development of reports, spreadsheets, and presentation materials. All other software needed for participation in LTU Online courses is made available to students by the University.  If you are ready to enroll at LTU and register for online courses, please follow our online application and registration instructions