Online Faculty Selection and Training

LTU Online seeks qualified, experienced, and successful full-time and adjunct faculty members to teach with LTU Online.

The following guidelines apply to all faculty members interested in teaching through LTU Online:

  • Existing LTU full-time faculty may teach one (1) LTU Online course per major semester on an overload basis, and one or more LTU Online classes in the summer semester.
  • Online adjunct faculty are recruited and selected as needed to support scheduled LTU Online classes.
  • All online faculty members need to demonstrate prior success in at least a hybrid learning environment, have received formal training in the use of online teaching tools documented by LTU’s Veraldi Instructional Technology Resource Center (VITRC) or other equivalent program, and have received training in LTU Online teaching expectations.
  • Student performance, faculty participation in active learning, and student evaluation of faculty/course effectiveness will be used to determine future teaching eligibility through LTU Online.

The Application Process

  • Please complete the Faculty Interest Form to submit your interest in teaching with LTU Online.
  • Once your application has been completed, you will be asked to submit your current academic vita to for review.
  • The LTU Online staff will contact you for further information or to schedule an interview.

Selection and Notification Process

  • Once considered a strong candidate, you will be supported by the LTU Online Team to move forward in completing the required training.
  • Upon your successful completion of the required training and based on the recommendation of the trainer, you will be listed as qualified to fill an online adjunct facilitator position with LTU Online.
  • When/if selected to facilitate an online course, you will sign a letter of appointment and complete a contract for the assigned course and semester.

If you have any questions or need assistance in this process, feel free to contact eLearning Services via email: or by telephone at 248.204.2380.