Incomplete Grades

There are special circumstances under which a grade of "incomplete" (I) may be assigned by your instructor. The “I” grade may be granted by instructor if:

  • The student has satisfactorily completed the major portion of course requirements
  • Extraordinary circumstances can be documented which contributed directly to student's inability to complete all assignments
  • Outstanding work can be completed within a reasonable period of time

These procedures are followed if an instructor determines that a student should be granted the opportunity to complete course requirements with an "I" grade:

  • The instructor determines that the student has satisfactorily completed the major requirements of the course
  • The instructor determines that it is possible for the student to satisfactorily complete remaining assignments in a reasonable period of time while working independently. If course attendance is critical to completing the course requirements, then the student needs to register for the course again.
  • The student and instructor have documented an agreement for completion of the remaining work, including the assignment(s) due, the due date for those assignments, and the consequences of not completing the outstanding work satisfactorily within the agreed-to time.
  • The student acknowledges in writing their agreement to the work plan, and that the "I" grade will be converted to a grade other than "W" no later the one year after the end of the semester in which the course was originally taken.

Once an agreement has been formally agreed to by the student, the instructor will place the agreement on file with the college dean.