Faculty New Hire Forms and Procedures

If you have been offered an adjunct faculty position to develop and/or teach an LTU Online course, you must complete the forms found in the Lawrence Tech Faculty New Hire Package and return the forms package to the LTU Online office. This Adobe Acrobat® document contains the following forms:

  • A Lawrence Tech employment application and recruitment survey
  • A Lawrence Tech direct deposit form (all LTU Online faculty must use direct deposit)
  • A federal I-9 employment eligibility verification form (please note that you will need to attach photocopies of required documents when you submit your I-9 form)
  • A federal W-4 employee withholding allowance form
  • A State of Michigan W-4 employee withholding allowance form (to be completed even if you are residing outside of Michigan; no Michigan taxes will be withheld for residents in states with reciprocal agreements: Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota)

Once you open the forms package, please complete all forms and return the forms along with required photocopy documentation by surface mail to:

eLearning Services - LTU Online
Lawrence Technological University
21000 W. Ten Mile Road
eLearning Suite
Southfield, MI 48075

or by fax to 248-204-2389. Once all documents have been received, LTU Online will work with appropriate University offices to establish your status as an adjunct faculty member. Your status cannot be established until all forms are received.

You will receive separate contracts for course development, refresh, or instruction as necessary. Compensation will be processed as follows for these contracts:

  • Contracts for course development are paid 50% upon initiation of the course development work plan, and 50% upon conclusion of the course review/refresh process which occurs at the end of the first semester in which the course is taught. Only two payments are made for course development.
  • Contracts for course refeshes are paid upon initiation of the course refresh work plan.   
  • Contracts for course instruction are paid bimonthly on the 15th and 30th of each month during the semester in which the course is taught. The first payment will be processed in the first payroll period after the teaching contract has been submitted to Lawrence Tech and appropriate signatures are obtained. The last payment will be made in the last payroll period of the appropriate semester.

Please call the LTU Online office at 248-203-2380 or e-mail ltuonline@ltu.edu if you have any question regarding completion of the new hire form package or about payroll processing.