Weekly Schedules

LTU Online courses follow the same academic course schedule as all other Lawrence Tech courses. LTU Online courses are 100% asynchronous courses: there are no set meeting days and times unless special arrangements are made with the instructor.

LTU Online courses are structured into modules which correspond with weeks of the semester. Fall and Winter semester consist of 13-15 weeks of instruction, while the Summer semester is compressed into 10 weeks. LTU Online "weeks" run from Monday thru Sunday unless otherwise noted in the course syllabus. The schedule for the first two LTU Online modules are as follows:

  • During the first three days of the Lawrence Tech semester, LTU Online students complete Module 0 (course orientation) activities.
  • LTU Online students begin work on Module 1 (the first course content module) on the first Monday.

Be sure to consult your course syllabus for specific starting and ending dates for LTU Online courses, and forward any questions about class schedules directly to your instructor.


Time Management

Online classes require at least as much of your time as do on-ground classes, and almost all of this time must be scheduled individually: your three hours per week in a classroom setting must also be scheduled individually! Here are some tips to manage your time effectively:

  • Identify your "best times" for studying. You may be a "morning person" or a "night person" and should schedule your class time when you are most alert and productive.
  • Tackle "tough subjects" first, then move on to less complex tasks.
  • Find locations conducive to serious studying, and try to study in the same locations.
  • Consider "chunking" your study time into shorter time blocks with short breaks in between. You will likely continue to make progress on your studies even during breaks as your brain will still be partially focused on your work.
  • Use a "twofer" approach to combine studying with other tasks. For example, if you need to arrive at the airport two hours early, plan to read at the airport. If you have a long drive to make, listen to a podcast lecture or plan a written assignment in your head.
  • Maintain balance! Be sure to find time for your family and friends, for sleep, for exercise, and for proper eating. You will likely perform better if you balance your academic time investments with the other important elements of your life.