Qualifications and Compensation



The following qualifications are required for instructors wishing to teach with LTU Online:

  • Masters Degree required and Ph.D. or equivalent degree preferred in the area of the teaching discipline
  • Successful teaching experience of at least 24 recent graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline from a regionally accredited institution. At least 9 of these semester hours must have been taught in hybrid or online environments.
  • All qualifications listed in the “Position Requirements” section of the LTU Online Faculty Position Description

All online faculty members will need to demonstrate their competency teaching in an online environment by:

  • Successfully completing the LTU Online Teaching Certification course.
  • Working with a teaching mentor during the first one or two times developing and/or teaching online.
  • Teaching the LTU Online course as it has been developed, using the stated course competencies, assignments, texts, etc.
  • Logging into the Blackboard environment regularly to interact with students. Faculty should respond to student requests and comments within 24 hours.
  • Participating in the LTU Online evaluation process.
  • Additional accountabilities as described in the LTU Online Faculty Position Description.



Full-time and adjunct faculty who teach an LTU Online course will be compensated at the University’s current adjunct faculty compensation rates. The current compensation rate for graduate courses is $75 per credit or $3,525 for a three-credit course; various rates are used for undergraduate course compensation.

Faculty who develop an LTU Online course will be compensated at a rate of $3,000 for developing a three-credit course. Half of this payment will be made upon completion of the course design and deployment, and the other half of the payment will be made after the first teaching of the course and a subsequent review and content “refresh” process. All of this work will be done in collaboration with LTU Online staff using our course development methodology.