Course Enrollment Limits

LTU Online courses do not exceed a limit of 20 students except in rare circumstances. Additional students may not be added to these courses without approval from LTU Online. Limiting the course to 20 students ensures that LTU Online instructors have an optimal class size for the online environment. 

Students wishing to gain entry to a closed online section (except College of Architecture and Design courses) may contact the LTU Online office Administrative Assistant, Donna Kress, to be placed on a waiting list at 248.204.2388 or Once placed on the waiting list, the student should continue to check BannerWeb to see if a space opens in the course. If LTU Online notices that space is available, we will contact the student to notify him/her of the opening. This does not guarantee that the space will remain available, so the student will need to register as soon as possible. LTU Online will notify the student a week before the scheduled start of the course to let him/her know whether a +1 override was granted.  

Students requiring prerequisite or other hold overrides should contact their department advisor.  


College of Architecture and Design Courses

Graduate courses start with an enrollment limit of 15 students, and undergraduate courses start with an enrollment limit of 18 students. The College of Architecture reserves the right to add additional students without approval from LTU Online until the course reaches 20 students. From that point, any students added to the course need the approval of LTU Online. Students should contact Leslie Michalik in the College of Architecture and Design to be placed on the wait list for the course they wish to enroll in.