Specs Howard Students & Faculty

LTU is thrilled to have you with us! We look forward to continuing the Specs Howard tradition of excellence. We anticipated more time to implement a smooth transition; however, with the loss of Specs Howard’s Canvas site, we are speeding up the process as quickly as possible. We’re using this website to keep you informed of our progress. Please check it frequently as things are happening quickly.

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Transition Details

LTU’s Professional Development Division will utilize current Specs Howard faculty to provide the teach-out program to current students. The final cohort will be completed by May 2022.

Specs Howard School of Media Arts faculty are being hired by Lawrence Tech to continue the academic legacy of Specs Howard in the classroom. We will continue to ensure that those industry partners who have hired Specs Howard graduates in the past will continue to be engaged with Specs Howard faculty and students, as well as the Lawrence Technological University community.

The program tuition for current Specs Howard students in the teach-out program is being reduced by a dramatic 88% on the campus of LTU.

No student in the teach-out program will need to take out a federal loan – the new program that will be created will have a different tuition structure, different tracks, and additional opportunities for future students within the Specs Howard pipeline. All the specifics about the teach-out program will be presented to you, whether you are current or new, during an in-person event. You’ll receive materials to assure clarity and transparency.

At the end of the teach-out program, students will receive a diploma from the Specs Howard School of Media Arts on LTU transcript paper. LTU’s Office of Career Services will provide career counseling to current students and alumni. LTU will also develop a strong mechanism to support all alumni and provide avenues and opportunities for alumni to be welcomed to the Blue Devil family.

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