Life Sciences at Lawrence Tech

From people to plankton to proteins and psychology, the life sciences explore all aspects of life on Earth. Encompassing the study of chemistry, biology, the forces present in the behavior of living things, and new ways in which to improve the health and welfare of all, the life sciences include a wide variety of disciplines and careers that are among the most promising sectors in today’s economy.

Lawrence Tech's programs in the life sciences can help you enter this dynamic, expanding field. Measured by the number of new companies being formed, Michigan’s life sciences industry is the fastest growing in the nation. The need for innovation and leadership in the life sciences calls for dedicated professionals with solid theoretical preparation, useful practical experience, and the ability to adapt to advances in knowledge and technology. Careers in the life sciences include research, applied science, medicine, nursing, veterinary science, pharmacology, dentistry, optometry, public health and human services, biotechnology, industry, business, and higher learning.