Creating Persistent URLs for Blackboard

(For assistance, contact the library at 248.204.3000 or email

In order to post an article in Canvas, it is best to link through to the original article from the library's databases. Scanning and posting articles requires permission from the source, and this usually entails a payment of a royalty fee. The library is already paying a royalty when it subscribes to databases that have full-text, so linking to these articles does not require permission.

For users off-campus, it is necessary to send the link through the proxy server, so a student can be authenticated as a legitimately enrolled student. For users in the US and Canada, it is necessary to log out of the Global Protect VPN before using full-text from library sources.  The steps are outlined below.

First Step:

Find the article's URL address. This is usually a "persistent link"...the URL that stays the same and pinpoints that specific article. Many databases have this feature, calling it a "bookmark" or other nomenclature. In some cases, a DOI link will work as well. Canvas has a facility to add URLs as noted in the examples above.

-Note: any item found in TechCat has a permalink and it automatically designed to handle the proxy information.   Just copy this permalink, and there is nothing more to be done for books, articles, videos, etc.

Second Step:

Add the EZProxy server's address to the front of the URL:

It should look something like this:

Third Step:

Check your link from on and off campus. If there are problems, contact the library for assistance.


- Can't find the persistent link? Ask the library. In some cases, there are no persistent links, but there may be alternatives. The URL at the top of the search window is not always a persistent may be a temporary link that will not work the next time.

- EZProxy is already imbedded? You may have to "un-imbed" it and add the link above to the front of the URL. If you are not sure how to "un-imbed" EZProxy, the on campus library staff can give you the correct link info.

  • The link works, but cannot get to article off-campus? At certain times and certain circumstances, the database may not be available from off-campus due to a variety of circumstances. Check with the library.  Also, it is possible the vendor is not yet defined in the proxy server.  The library staff can add this vendor and it should be available shortly.
-Note that the Harvard Business Review does not allow for permalinks, but these articles are easy to look up in TechCat, and there are links from the article record.

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