Blue Devil Project Safe Training

Blue Devil Project Safe is currently a three hour training designed to educate students, faculty, staff, and administration about the LGBT community on campus, locally, and nationally. Separate programs for students and faculty/staff are currently in development. Those who complete the training are offered the opportunity to be included on the Allies On Campus list and receive the Blue Devil Project Safe logo to hang on the door or window of their office or dorm, identifying them as a campus ally.

Project Safe Mission:

The mission of Project Safe is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and supporting campus environment for all Lawrence Tech students, faculty, staff, and allies who may have questions and/or concerns related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues. Project Safe also strives to identify and educate members of the campus community who are opened to and supportive of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Project Safe strives to promote understanding and support for all members of the Lawrence Tech community. Project Safe Allies are committed to creating an environment where equality and justice will grow and flourish through showing love, understanding, and acceptance of others.

Project Safe History:

In Fall 2011 Project Safe was brought to Lawrence Tech, named and modeled after the LGBT-Ally training program from North Carolina State University's GLBT Center, initially created in Spring 1997. Project Safe is under constant evolution as research is conducted at other campuses, such as the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and our own campus to discover truly the needs of and wants of LGBT people and their allies. Today, LTU's Project Safe is maintained through a collaborative effort of the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of Leadership Programs & First Year Experience, the Office of Student Engagement, and OUT! at LTU with Friends.

Goals of Project Safe:

1. Develop Allies: The first goal of Project Safe is to create, develop, and train the Lawrence Tech community to serve as Allies. This goal will be accomplished through Project Safe trainings offered through the Multicultural Programs' LGBT Resource Center.

2. Support the LGBT Campus Community: The second goal of Project Safe is to support the LGBT members of the campus community along with any visitors of Lawrence Tech. This goal will be accomplished through the Project Safe Allies, specifically trained to assist the community. In addition, resources received from training alongside online resources are available to any interested party searching education and support.

3. Educate the Campus Community: The third goal of Project Safe is to educate the campus community of LGBT issues and concerns. This goal will be accomplished through programs offered to the Lawrence Tech community about this information. 

Defense of Program:

Blue Devil Project Safe exists to raise the cultural competence of the Lawrence Tech community of the LGBT population, provide assistance to an often marginalized student population through visible support, educate the campus population of LGBT issues and concerns, refer students, faculty, and staff to appropriate on-campus and off-campus resources for LGBT issues and concerns, and retain LGBT students at Lawrence Tech through assistance and visible support.

Blue Devil Project Safe DOES NOT force an individual or group to become an "ally" or "allies," take a political stand or support any individual candidates or parties, change any person's beliefs, nor recruit or change individuals who identify as heterosexual.

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