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Course: Leadership Models and Practices

Students will begin to develop an understanding of their personal leadership style through an introduction to different leadership models and self-reflection. By the end of the semester, students will have created a leadership philosophy based on the theories they learned, their personal and professional interests, and their role as agents of change.

Course topics include histories of leadership theory, currently practiced leadership models, individual responsibility and ethics, diversity and globalization, inclusive team practices, effective communication, creativity and problem-solving, and organizational leadership.

Leadership Models and Practices was added to the curriculum in fall 2008 for all students in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management and in fall 2009 for students in the College of Architecture.

Course Goals
Expand understanding of leadership models and practices
  • Identify and develop personal leadership philosophy and approach
  • Develop self-reflection and critical thinking skills
  • Use teamwork and creative problem-solving work as agents of change

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