leadership capstone

Course: Leadership Capstone

The purpose of the Leadership Capstone is two-fold: 1) Students will participate in practical leadership experiences that directly relate to their academic major and/or chose field; and 2) Students will reflect on and professionally present the culmination of their leadership education.

To accomplish these two outcomes, students will attend an optional workshop for portfolio development, select writing samples from freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and prepare a critical and reflective portfolio introduction that reflects on their leadership development at Lawrence Tech. Concurrently, students will participate in practical leadership experiences (e.g., work assignments, volunteer activities, supervisory duties, senior project teams will be highly encouraged). By maintaining a log of these experiences, students will use the senior experience as the topic of analysis in their critical introductions. In addition, students will need to include an evaluation from their supervisor or faculty advisor who oversees their senior year experience. Workshops and training will be provided to help students to develop the critical introduction. The portfolio will be the outcome of the Leadership Capstone.

Course Goals
  • Engage in experiences that promote ability to analyze unfamiliar situations, assess risk, and formulate plans of action
  • Fulfill responsibilities associated with positions of leadership
  • Demonstrate effective story-telling techniques and critical writing skills through reflections
  • Prepare Leadership Portfolio that highlights leadership education and development