How do I get a copy of my leadership transcript?

What activities can I put on a leadership transcript?

Activities include but are not limited to:

Completing a service learning project/volunteer work

Participating in a competition

Attending or presenting at a conference, convention or professional development event

Attending a workshop, lecture or seminar

Completing a quest projects

Holding a leadership role in a student organization

Assisting a faculty member with a project or research

What if I'm still not sure the activity can go on my leadership transcript?

Submit it anyway!  All submissions are reviewed by a Leadership official before approval, so if it doesn't fit then it just will not appear on your official leadership transcript.

Can I enter activities that I complete off campus?

Yes. You must have been enrolled as a student at Lawrence Tech at the time you completed the activity, but the leadership transcript is NOT limited to leadership activities on campus.

Can I enter my leadership roles or does it have to be a one-time activity?

Yes, you can use this to showcase work you did as a campus leader in roles such as student organization officer, first year mentor, residential assistant, Discovery Days leader, and more. On your leadership transcript you can describe the skills and experience you gained from the role versus on your resume where the roles are just listed.

What if I'm not sure how to enter the activities in the fields provided?

When you submit an entry to your leadership transcript, it goes to a Leadership official who then reads and approves the activity. If there are errors or changes that should be made that is okay -- we simply contact you to help you edit the entry and ask you to resubmit it.

Can I go back and edit an entry later?

Edits can be made after an activity is submitted, but once an entry is approved by a Leadership official it cannot be edited. 

Can I enter things that I did in the past or do I have to enter them immediately?

Yes, you can enter any leadership experience you have undertaken while enrolled as a student at Lawrence Tech as long as you can provide an advisor or contact who can confirm the activity.

What can I do with a leadership transcript?  Why create one?

Provide you with an official University transcript that documents your efforts to become a better leader

Enhance your resume and academic transcript

Enhance your Leadership Portfolio and help you prepare for LDR 4000 Leadership Capstone

Help you articulate your leadership experience to potential employers

Make you eligible to win awards for exemplary leadership

How is this different from my resume?

The leadership transcript is intended to provide more detailed information about the skills and experience you have sought out on your own. A resume is perfect for work and educational information, but it would be cluttered if you provided detailed information about each leadership activity you have undertaken by choice. The transcript is targeted toward someone who has read your resume and is interested in seeing a more detailed snapshot of who you are as a leader and a professional.

How do I get a copy of my leadership transcript?

You can now download and print your leadership transcript yourself right in Banner under "Leadership Activities."

Still have questions?  Contact Sarah Molloy in the Office of Leadership Programs at or 248.204.4122.