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Course: Leadership Seminar Series

The Leadership Seminar Series provides seminars and workshops that focus on leadership development in a professional setting. The workshop series emphasizes organizational leadership and professional development and includes such topics as leadership approaches, group dynamics, ethical decision-making, goal setting, vision, networking, delegation, motivation, problem solving, conflict resolution, and diversity. A minimum of five hours of experiential learning through actual leadership experiences (e.g., both on-campus and off-campus opportunities) is also be required. These hours must be logged, properly submitted, and approved by the course instructor.

All Lawrence Tech students who begin attending in fall 2009 or later are required to enroll in the Leadership Seminar Series during their junior year.

Course Goals

  • Explore the role of leadership in professional settings
  • Demonstrate responsibility for professional and leadership development and lifelong learning
  • Make connections between seminars and selves through reflective writing
  • Apply leadership skills to real-life situations

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Other Campus Presentations

The seminars that students attend within their college or major can apply toward the required seminars only if it is related to leadership in their academic or professional lives.


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