Lawrence Technological University (LTU) works to ensure that all undergraduate students develop their leadership skills, with an emphasis on ethics, professionalism, and teamwork. As part of their academic program, all LTU undergraduates are required to complete a track of leadership courses.

Since 2017, incoming LTU undergraduate students (first-year and transfer) are required to take a leadership based curriculum administered by each of the four colleges: Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Business and Information Technology, and Engineering. These leadership offerings are distinct to the specific colleges and their programs of study.

Students who entered LTU prior to Fall 2017 will complete the original leadership program that was in place when they entered the university. The four-part leadership program includes:

  • Freshman Year (0-29 credit hours) – University Seminar (COM 1001)
  • Sophomore Year (30-59 credit hours) – Leadership Models and Practices (LDR 2001)
  • Junior Year (60-89 credit hours) – Leadership Seminar Series (LDR 3000)
  • Senior Year (90 credit hours or more) – Leadership Capstone (LDR 4000)

The director of leadership will continue to direct the successful completion of the original plan of action, coordinating with academic programs to promote leadership, development, and practice in both classroom and real-world environments. The director also coordinates co-curricular and extracurricular activities promoting leadership and service learning opportunities in the Detroit metropolitan community. For information about the leadership programs, contact:

Jamie Vassel