Matt Mosher

Co-founder and CEO of in Birmingham. is a web-based startup that provides a hybrid approach in resume, recruiting, and job board services in the online job search industry. The company utilizes what most closely resembles a dating-service-style model by matching the needs of employers with the appropriate skills of job seekers. The company recently announced funding from Detroit Venture Partners and plans to increase its staff. At 29, Mosher has more than 14 years of experience in strategic management and business startups. In addition to, he is the founder and CEO of two successful landscape and maintenance businesses: Mosher & Associates, where he achieved more than $3 million in sales before the age of 25, and Mosher Professional Properties. Mosher is also a founding member of Mitch Albom's Haiti mission, where he is actively involved in the hands-on rebuilding of an orphanage. He also frequently volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and the Detroit Rescue Mission. In 2007 Crain's Detroit Business chose him as one of the "20 in their 20s," and in 2008 Corp! magazine named him an Entrepreneur of Distinction. Mosher received his bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Dayton.

WHERE BORN: “The Metro Detroit area.”

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: “My grandfather and my father. They've been inventors and entrepreneurs their entire lives and had a vision for mentoring new entrepreneurs.”

LAST BOOK READ:Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.”

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: “Passionate, driven, big picture thinker.”

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: “It's headed to be the cutting edge of new innovation within the current marketplace. We're in the technology field and it's the fastest growing in the world. Our company is leveraging technology to develop a platform that effectively connects job seekers and employers.”


FAVORITE PLACE: “An environment that is full of visionary and entrepreneurial leaders, so it's my office.”

FAVORITE HOBBIES: “Hiking, fishing, and networking.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “Spaghetti and meat sauce.”

MY HIDDEN TALENT: “I'm a good soccer player.”

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: “For helping to better the community around me through both business and philanthropic means.”