Founder and CEO, New World Systems Inc., a developer of local government finance, administrative and law enforcement management software. Leinweber started his career at IBM but spent only four years there before starting his first business at age 27. Advanced Computer Management grew to 200 employees as a pioneering outsourced IT services provider. He sold his interest in ACM about 20 years ago and started New World on the belief that software systems were where the industry’s growth would be. New World now has 300 employees serving 650-plus customers in 46 states.

WHERE BORN: Lansing, Michigan.

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: “I have three. I would mention my mother. The thing she was most influential on was that she taught me to respect others and be considerate to them. As a young person I was very interested in science, so I would mention Albert Einstein, who taught me to think big and hopefully creatively. I’d also have to say myself, to some extent – because I learned as I got more involved professionally that your actions and behavior really control your own destiny. You are what you do, and it’s up to you. “

LAST BOOK READ: “I’m a consistent reader of biographical histories of great figures in politics, science, and art. I read a book about George Washington called His Excellency, George Washington. And I read a recent biography of Napoleon. There’s also an interesting book out called The Kite Runner, about a boy and a family in Afghanistan. I also recently read a business book called Authentic Leadership by Bill George.”

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: “Goal-oriented. Focused. Hard driving. Considerate. Somewhat cerebral but action-oriented.”

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: “In what I would call ERP software applications, the packaged software world, there’s an increased customer solution focus by more successful companies – you have to understand customer environments. In the major markets, there’s going to be more consolidation of software companies. There used to be hundreds of auto companies, and today there are literally thousands of software companies. They’re going to consolidate.”

FAVORITE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGET: “I use one of these new BlackBerry phones, and I enjoy that. It’s medium-tech but it has a lot of integrated features and allows me to stay in contact with the office and keep a lot of detailed information on it.”

FAVORITE PLACE: “I enjoy traveling with my wife and family, so I would just say world travel. I’ve been to all the continents except Antarctica.”

FAVORITE HOBBY: “I like to play tennis. I play bridge. I’m a reasonably good skier, and I like to go hiking.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “Modern French and Italian that is light on sauces but retains all the skill that goes into those cuisines.”

MY HIDDEN TALENT: “Once in a while I can write some decent poetry.”

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: “Personally, as a good father and husband. Professionally, as a leader and a builder who made a difference in whatever he was involved in.”