President and CEO, Accuri Cytometers in Ann Arbor. Baird, co-founder of the company, is responsible for strategic management, fund-raising, and human resources. She also co-manages collaborators and manufacturing partners. Baird has led teams of technology developers and process improvement and sales and marketing groups for her clients and employers. She has been responsible for several major fund-raising initiatives, generating close to $10 million from investors for Accuri. Previously, she was vice president at Keane Consulting Group, where she helped build the company as it quintupled in size to more than 150 staff and managed more than $10 million in projects. At ISSYS Sensing Systems, Baird led fund-raising, marketing and sales, business development, grant proposal writing, public relations, regulatory affairs, human resources, and product development. She has a bachelorís in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan and received her MBA from Northwestern Universityís Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where she shared top-of-class honors.

WHERE BORN: "Cleveland, Ohio."

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: "Leo Mullen at First Chicago and Debbie Bricker at Bricker and Associates. They are both retired now but were influential in building the foundation of my professional skills. I still go back to things they taught me 15 years later."

LAST BOOK READ: "Reading parts of The Bible."

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: "Positive, energetic, pattern-recognition."

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: "Iím in life sciences, so itís onward and upward with innovations that lead to greater understanding and breakthroughs. There are innovations on all fronts, with customers, within the company, and with others. They push the boundaries of knowledge."

FAVORITE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGET: "My Jawbone headset. Itís great Ė I use it all the time."

FAVORITE PLACE: "At the barn with my horse. Itís the most relaxing spot."

FAVORITE HOBBY: "Horseback riding, gardening, photography."

FAVORITE FOOD: "Beef in its many incarnations."

MY HIDDEN TALENT: "A lot of times people are surprised that I have an artistic side that comes out through photography and gardening."

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: "For having enabled people to go beyond their limitations, with everybody from my husband and kids to the people I work with. To break through whatever barriers are holding them back."