CEO of Ensure Technologies Inc., an Ann Arbor developer of wireless medical security systems. Xydis has been an accomplished developer of wireless and high-frequency circuit design technologies for nearly 25 years. Nominated for a Smithsonian Award for a patented personal security system for correctional facilities, Xydis also developed the first automotive keyless entry system and other wireless technologies for medical imaging, remote sensing, and machine vision applications. He has also served on committees developing standards for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

WHERE BORN: "Chicago."

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: "I'd say a couple of professors at Michigan, Bruce Sharpe and my doctoral advisor, Andrew Yagle. When I went to Michigan I was already designing circuits in a practical way, but I went because I wanted to get a lot of theoretical underpinning for the circuit designs, and they pushed me in that direction. Im a right side of the brain type of person and they pushed me to the left side, and that was a good thing."

LAST BOOK READ: "1776 by David McCullough. I like history, and it's a good book. Another very good book I read recently was The Private Life of Chairman Mao, which was written by his doctor. It was fascinating. Some of the stuff you almost can't believe."

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: "Creative, talkative, outgoing."

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: "If you look at wireless technology, I think it's becoming much simpler to implement, so simple it's almost ridiculous. I was one of these wireless guru guys but now it's getting simpler and simpler to put in, and so now you're seeing it in devices you never thought of. Like now, digital cameras with Wi-Fi built in, so you can just dump your pictures into your computer over the Internet. I think phenomenal amounts of information will soon become available, and technology will become ubiquitous. Things like facial recognition and wireless ID fobs and biometrics will be moving forward, where the machine customizes itself to the user when I hand you my cell phone, it becomes your cell phone."

FAVORITE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGET: "The most useful gadget I have is a cell phone. I use it all the time. In terms of fun gadgets, my digital camera is amazing. I also have an iPod video and I love that thing."

FAVORITE PLACE: "In the winter, I love to ski, and my favorite place is Vail. In the summer, Round Lake in Lenawee County, where I live. I also love Nevis in the Caribbean; been there a couple times."

FAVORITE HOBBY: "Skiing. But I also lift weights, and now my son can do that with me and sometimes my daughter. I think that's my favorite hobby now."

FAVORITE FOOD: "I'm Greek, so I love Greek food lamb. Filet. Chicago pizza. I'm a red meat kind of guy."

MY HIDDEN TALENT: "Photography and visual design. I'm pretty good at that. I can also chime in and cause trouble with the marketing people at my company."

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: "I'm really into being a good father, so I want to be remembered as that, and I always want to really treat people well. I've done a lot of good things technologically, but who you are really means how you treat your fellow man."