New Venture Creation Specialist at Delphi Technologies Inc., a unit of Troy-based Delphi Corp. Pankin leads Delphiís commercialization activities seeking to spin out ďgame changing technologiesĒ developed at Delphi into start-up companies. This includes creating internal incubators and external ventures, such as the spin-off of SpaceForm, Inc., to commercialize a novel metal welding technology. Delphi has a pipeline of other disruptive technologies as candidates for future spinout, including smart antennas, infrared sensors, hydrogen storage, and application software innovations. Pankin has 25 years of experience in venture capital and early stage and turnaround situations in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, material sciences, retail, insurance, software, manufacturing, and packaging. He was a founder of Titan Auto, Inc., one of the largest insurance companies in Michigan and has advanced the commercialization of artificial blood and biological therapies for cancer and other serious illnesses. He started a non-profit foundation in Russia that used the broadcast media to disseminate pro-democracy motion pictures throughout the former Soviet Union. He earned his BBA in accounting and MBA in International Business at George Washington University. Heís been at Delphi five years.

WHERE BORN: "Newark, N.J."

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: "Two people I would mention. One is Ray Damadian, the inventor of MRI imaging for human beings. I was involved in taking him and his company public in 1982. He was up for the Nobel Prize. Heís really the quintessential driven, entrepreneurial scientist who really did something very big, and being with him set the tone for the next 25 years. I like him because he shows you the good that comes from technology. I was also able to work with Simon Wiesenthal, who created the human rights organization, when I had my foundation in Russia, and he taught me that there is a downside to technology. When you ask him what creates a holocaust, he tells you itís hatred combined with technology. Thatís a pretty riveting statement and something thatís always stayed with me."

LAST BOOK READ: "Elijah of Buxton by Newberry award winner Christopher Paul Curtis. Iím reading it with my daughter. Itís a book written for middle-school-age children thatís going to be released in October. He sent us the manuscript of it. Itís about Buxton, Ontario, about 60 miles north of Detroit, which was a haven for slaves in the 1860s. My daughterís nine, and sheís writing a review of the book for Scholastic."

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: "Entrepreneurial, creative, humorous, team-builder, leader, and direct."

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: "Research and development in the automotive sector is what I view as my field, and the impact of that R&D is always proliferated globally, and will continue to make new winners in creating new products and serving new markets. Automotive R&D promises to reinvigorate mature markets and regions as we leverage it for other product areas such as medical, communications, consumer, and defense."

FAVORITE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGET: "The cell phone and the computer, if theyíre not considered too ancient. Theyíre really hard to beat."

FAVORITE PLACE: "Anywhere in Paris with my wife and daughter. I find Paris intellectually stimulating like no other place."

FAVORITE HOBBIES: "Collecting and consuming wine, listening to classical musicians, and taking care of cocker spaniels."

FAVORITE FOOD: "Tuscan cuisine. Itís a lighter fare, and more simple, with a few key ingredients like garlic and oil and vegetables and grilled things, as opposed to the heavier sauces of Milan, and not as seafood-driven as the food in southern Italy."

MY HIDDEN TALENT: "Iím so transparent I donít know whatís really hidden at this point in the game, but maybe wearing great-looking ties."

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: "I would like to be remembered as someone who did things no one else would and who made a tangible difference in the future for children."