President and CEO of CareTech Solutions Inc., a Troy health care IT services provider. CareTech is owned by Detroit-based Compuware Corp., Oakwood Healthcare Systems, and the Detroit Medical Center. Giordano has been CEO three years, coming from EDS. CareTech is a leader in the effort to digitize health care information and provides a wide variety of health information management services.

WHERE BORN: "Detroit, at the old Providence Hospital."

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON: “There are many, but I’m going to say my father. He taught me a lot about the integrity required in business. He owned a furniture store.”

LAST BOOK READ:The World Is Flat, by Tom Friedman.”

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: “I would say focus, passionate about IT and health care, and I like people.”

WHERE MY FIELD/INDUSTRY IS HEADED: “Well, as you might guess, I really see hospitals going more toward digitization and the use of electronic tools to reduce cost and increase patient safety. I believe the line between the practice of medicine and IT is really starting to blur. IT is now an integral part of providing health care for all of us.”

FAVORITE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGET: “It has to be my Bluetooth-enabled wireless cell phone/PDA. I’ve got a Blackberry and the darned thing runs my life.”

FAVORITE PLACE: “This may sound a little funny, but I’m a pilot, and my favorite place is in the sky.”

FAVORITE HOBBY: “Aviation. I have a multi-engine rating. I’ve been through commercial, and I have flight instructor certificates for both instrument and non-instrument flying.”


MY HIDDEN TALENT: “I’d have to say probably it’s being a certified flight instructor.”

HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED: “As somebody who really saw the potential for IT in health care and its ability to reduce cost and have an impact on the way health care is provided to all of us.”