By May 21, 2013 all I-94 cards will be electronic. The electronic arrival/departure record (I-94) can be obtained at

Travelers arriving by air or sea will no longer receive a paper I-94. Travelers will still receive an admission stamp in their passport noting the ‘date of admission’, the ‘status admitted in’, and the ‘admitted until’ date. Please note that travelers crossing at land border ports of entry will continue to receive a paper I-94.

The I-94 automation will not impact a traveler’s ability to enter the U.S. If a traveler requires a copy of Form I-94, they can access the electronic version to print it HERE. We recommend that all International Students obtain a copy of their I-94 for their records.

CBP will provide each traveler with an admission stamp that is annotated with the date of admission to the U.S., classification of admission (F-1 or J-1) and admitted until date.

Travelers currently in possession of a paper I-94 should surrender it to the commercial carrier or CBP upon departure. For travelers with an electronic I-94 record, CBP will document the departure using information obtained from the commercial carrier. 

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