• Does not need to reside in U.S. while attending school and does not need to provide LTU with local U.S. address.
  • Must enroll part-time (less than 12 credits for undergraduate students, less than 6 credits for graduate students, doctorate students credit requirements vary by program) for every fall and spring semester; student cannot enroll full-time; summer enrollment is optional.
  • I-20 will be written for one semester, with expenses and funding for one semester.
  • New I-20 on a new SEVIS record with a new SEVIS ID number will be issued to student for each semester student attends.
  • I-901 fee of $350.00 USD will be paid on the first SEVIS record/SEVIS ID number; I-901 fee will be transferred by International Programs staff to each subsequent SEVIS record for each semester, as long as student maintains continuous enrollment each fall and spring semester until program is completed.
  • If student enrolls for summer semester, a new I-20 on a new SEVIS record/SEVIS ID number will be issued and I-901 fee will be rolled from preceding spring semester’s I-20 and later rolled from summer to fall semester’s I-20. If student does not enroll for summer, I-901 fee will be rolled from preceding spring semester to following fall semester.
  • If students does not enroll for any fall or spring semesters, I-901 fee will need to be paid again on new SEVIS record/SEVIS ID number.
  • Student will receive I-94 upon entering U.S. at start of program; student while retain I-94 throughout program while commuting between Canada and U.S. to attend classes.
  • After classes begin each semester, a second I-20 will be sent to them that will have a reduced course load (RCL) authorization for the duration of the semester. This RCL authorization will be due to the student’s classification as a part-time commuter student.
  • Not eligible to work on campus.
  • Eligible for CPT work authorization after completing one full academic year of study.
  • Not eligible for pre-completion OPT work authorization.
  • Eligible for post-completion OPT following completion of program of study, assuming student was enrolled for at least one full academic year.
  • All of the above is based on continuous part-time enrollment and commuting from Canada each fall and spring semester until program is completed; summer enrollment is not required.

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