1.      When should I arrive at LTU?
You cannot enter the U.S. more than 30 days prior to your program start date. We recommend you arrive at least several days before orientation begins so you can settle in and adjust to the time difference.
2.    What do I need to know about my arrival in the U.S.?
All the information about arrival can be found under the Arrival Information tab.
3.    Do I have to attend International Orientation?
Yes, attendance at International Orientation is mandatory. Not only do you meet your International Advisors, other students and University staff members, but you learn valuable information regarding your visa status and University policies and procedures.

4.    What is the weather like in Southfield?
The weather in Southfield ranges from anywhere in the 80 degree Fahrenheit range in the summer to below freezing in the winter.
5.    Does LTU require any immunizations before coming to the U.S.?
No, it does not.

6.    Is there public transportation in the area?
Yes, Smart Bus is available. 
7.    What is my SEVIS ID?
Your SEVIS ID is located on the top right corner of your I-20/DS20-19. It begins with N00.
8.    Who can be a dependent, and how can I add one to my record?
You can add your spouse, or child (under 21) can be added as a dependent. More information about how to add a dependent can be found under the Dependent Information tab.
9.   I’m living in Housing, what information do I need to know?
Visit the University Housing website for updates on living on-campus. Also, since you will be arriving early for International Orientation, be sure to contact University Housing to make arrangements.
10.   Where can I live off campus?
Arbor Lofts is a close, local housing solution for LTU students. Surrounding neighborhoods include: Dearborn, Novi, Farmington, Farmington Hill, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Oak Park.

1.     Can I work on campus?
Yes, you are eligible to work on campus immediately. Please contact the OIP if you are offered an on campus position.
2.      Can I work off campus?
Possibly, review information under the Work Authorization tabs. Please keep in mind that you cannot work off campus without proper work authorization. Working without proper authorization is a very serious violation of your F1 status and is not tolerated.
3.      I want to apply for OPT, what do I need to do?
The first step you need to do is attend an OPT workshop. You can find the schedule here. We recommend you attend at the beginning of your last semester at LTU.

4.     Where can I learn about U.S. tax law? 
International Advisors at LTU are not trained on U.S. tax law, and cannot advise our students on this topic. Please see the IRS website here for tax information pertaining to foreign students and scholars.
1.      When can I register for classes?
If you are a new international student at LTU you can register at the end of orientation week, once you check in. If you are a current student, then you can register during the regular period based on your academic level.
2.      What does LTU consider full time enrollment?
Undergraduate students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours; graduate students must be enrolled in 6 credit hours. Full time enrollment for doctoral programs varies by degree
3.      Can I study part time?
International students are required to be enrolled full time in the fall & spring semesters. Full time enrollment is not required in the summer unless it is your first or last semester.
4.      What if I am graduating – can I be part time?
Yes, please complete and submit a Reduced Course Load Request form.
5.     I want to drop a course, who should I talk to?
You should talk to your academic advisor regarding the academic impact of dropping a course, but you should NEVER  drop a course without talking to an International Advisor to ensure it will not negatively impact your status.
6.     Do I have to be enrolled in the summer?
No, unless it is your first or last semester at LTU. You can be enrolled in the summer if you wish.
7.     Can I take online courses?
Yes, but you cannot exceed the distance education limits outlined here.
8.     Can I take a semester off?
International students are required to be enrolled full time in the fall & spring semesters. If you cannot attend classes for any reason during this time, you must meet with an International Advisor to be advised on the procedure.
1.     I want to travel home, what documents do I need to travel with?
Valid I-20 with current travel signature, valid visa for re-entry, passport valid 6 months into the future. OIP also recommends you print a copy of your class schedule as additional proof of enrollment while traveling.
2.     I am on OPT, can I travel?
If you are employed on OPT, then yes it is possible to travel abroad with proper documents. The OIP also recommends you travel with a letter from your employer stating you are traveling but will return to your position upon re-entering the U.S. If you are not employed while on OPT, the OIP does not recommend traveling abroad.
3.     Can my dependent(s) travel alone?
Yes, your dependent(s) can travel alone as long as they have proper travel documents.
4.     How long is my travel signature on my I-20 valid for?
The travel signature is located on page three of your I-20, or the first page of your DS20-19. Travel signatures are good for one year.
5.     Can I stay in the U.S. if my visa is expired?
Yes, you can. The purpose of your visa is to get you into the U.S.
6.     Where can I renew my visa?
You cannot renew your visa in the U.S. as there is no need. You should renew your visa next time you travel to your home country. We do not recommend travelling to Canada to renew your visa.
7.     Can I travel with an expired visa?
You can depart the U.S. with an expired visa but you cannot re-enter without a valid visa. You must renew when you travel home. If you are going to Canada or Mexico for less than 30 days, you can enter the U.S. with an expired visa. These two countries are the only exceptions.
8.     Can I let me passport expire while in the U.S.?
No, you must always have a passport that is valid at least six months into the future while in the U.S.
9.     Where can I renew/extend my passport in the U.S.?
You should contact an Embassy or Consultant Office from your country for more information about this process.
10.   Can I get a letter for my parents to travel to the U.S. for the Commencement Ceremony?
Yes, the One Stop Center has a letter specifically for this reason. 
1.     How can I connect with other students on campus?
Get involved in student organizations, and attend events hosted by different organizations. You can also follow us on Facebook at for events.
2.     What is my banner ID? Is it important?
Your banner ID is your unique LTU student identifying number. You will need it to make request with an office on campus. Keep your student ID with you, your banner ID is on it.
3.     What fitness options are available on campus?
LTU has an on-campus gym called the Don Ridler Field House. It is located at the North end of campus and is free to students. You must bring your student ID in order to enter.
4.     What information to include in an email or phone message?
When emailing or leaving a phone message for an LTU department be sure to include your name, phone number and Banner ID number so you can be easily identified. Don’t forget to leave contact information so someone can return your message!
5.     Where can I find request forms for International Programs?
Forms are available in the office, of under the Forms tab on the right.
6.     I want to schedule an appointment with an International Advisor, what should I do?
Email us at international@ltu.edu with your availability.
7.     Where are neighborhood grocery stores, banks, doctors, urgent care centers and hospital?
Locations for local places are located in the Neighborhood Information page.
8.     Do I need to get a Michigan Driver’s License?
If you wish to operate a vehicle in Michigan, yes you need to first obtain a Michigan Driver’s License. More information found here.
9.     Do I need a Social Security Number (SSN)?
A SSN is not needed, but helpful. You can only get an SSN if you are employed in the U.S. The OIP cannot give you an SSN or help you to get one if you are not employed.

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