International students must maintain full-time enrollment, however, online classes have a different impact on this requirement.

Regulation: 8 C.F.R  214.2(f)(6)(i)(G) 3.20.7 Distance Education Limits:

No more than the equivalent of one on-line/distance education class (or 3 credits) per session may count towards the "full course of study" requirement.


  • Undergraduate students who need to maintain 12 credit hours can only count 3 credit hours of online learning to meeting this requirement.
  • Graduate students who need to maintain 6 credit hours can only count 3 credit hours of online to meeting this requirement.

International students can take more than 3 credits of online learning after they have met the required credit hour amounts.

For example, a graduate student is maintaining status with the following scenario:
3 credit on-ground course + 3 credit online course = full-time status. If a student wants to take additional online courses during this semester, it is allowable since they have met the status requirements.

Hybrid courses are considered online courses when counting towards enrollment requirements.

If a student takes additional credit hours above the minimum enrollment requirement, then additional online courses are allowed.

If the student's course of study is in a language study program, no on-line or distance education classes may be counted toward the full course of study requirement.

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