Industry sponsored research projects offer companies an innovative, high-quality, cost-effective way to conduct research or develop new products while tapping into the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of top-notch faculty and students. Sponsors also gain access to the University’s high-tech testing and diagnostic facilities.

Learn more about LTU's research institutes:

Automotive Engineering Institute: Extremely knowledgeable automotive engineering faculty, exceptional students, plus more than 70 years of theory and practice at the hub of one of America's great industrial and technological centers - this winning combination places Lawrence Technological University in an ideal position to partner with the automotive industry.

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The goal of the Construction Safety Research Center is to reduce accidents and return construction workers safely back home to their families and friends by:

  • Conducting groundbreaking interdisciplinary safety research based on scientific methods.
  • Transforming research findings and recommendations into adoptable best practices.
  • Converting safety best-practices into effective training programs.

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Cybersecurity Center: The Cybersecurity Center at LTU is an academic center that connects faculty, researchers, industry partners, government agencies, and students to facilitate collaboration in the areas of the cybersecurity discipline. Areas of the cybersecurity discipline include: Risk Assessment, Big Data Analytics, Digital Forensics, Network Security, Data Security and Privacy, and Automotive Cybersecurity.

Data Science and Systems Institute:  Lawrence Tech's faculty work in data science and systems is creating new understanding of the fields through interdisciplinary approaches.

Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute: Lawrence Tech’s Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute will help improve Michigan’s and the Great Lakes Region’s water quality, quality of life, and blue / green economy, thereby making it easier to attract and retain water-use industries knowing that one of the Region’s most valuable resources will be protected.  It's goal is to be a resource for citizens, policymakers, architects, and engineers through outreach and educational programs associated with innovative stormwater management techniques and low impact development strategies.

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Intelligent Connected Systems Institute:  Lawrence Tech's faculty contribute to the development of intelligent connected systems from various disciplines and research perspectives bringing together a holistic approach to this growing field that will impact engineering, transportation, and design.


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