Dr. Aleksandra KuzmanovDr. Aleksandra Kuzmanov joined LTU in the fall of 2017. She teaches Biology 1 and Cell Biology courses in the department of Natural Sciences. She earned an MD degree at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine (Serbia) in 2004. After practicing medicine for three years, Dr. Kuzmanov came to the US to study nutrition, and molecular and cellular biology. She received a master's degree in Human Nutrition in 2009 and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences in 2014 from the University of Wyoming. Following her graduate studies, she spent three year as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Davis before moving to LTU. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that promote proper chromosome segregation during male meiosis using the model organism C. elegans. Chromosome segregation errors have an astounding impact on human reproductive health as a primary cause of infertility, recurrent miscarriage and developmental disabilities.

Vivian KaoVivian Kao earned her PhD in English Literature from Rutgers University. Her research interests include the teaching and learning of humanities and composition at STEM universities, literature/film adaptation, postcolonial studies, and the Victorian novel. At LTU, Dr. Kao serves as the coordinator for COM 0094 and COM 1103, and she hopes to work on various other projects that will help students integrate writing into their coursework across the university.

Graphic Designer:

Giulia Lampis

Giulia Lampis grew up in Sardinia (Italy) and has lived in several countries before coming to the United States. She is passionate about design and every form of art and music. Giulia finds the art scene in Detroit to be particularly inspiring and is passionate about the rebirth and growth of the city. She enjoys traveling, rock climbing, and Ethiopian food. More of her work can be seen at: