Social Media Relationships and Technology

Social Media, Relationships, and Technology
Dr. Stephanie T. Tong, PhD
Department of Communication, Wayne State University
Jan 24, 12:30 Room S100

With the online and mobile dating industry valued at approximately $2 billion, technologically-assisted dating is now a thriving business. While the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the very "human" endeavor of romance might seem like an odd coupling, people are trusting AI to guide them on their search for a soulmate, now more than ever.
In this presentation, Dr. Tong will share a series of experiments she conducted with her team at the Social Media and Relational Technologies (SMART) Labs at Wayne State University. These studies indicate that online daters have come to appreciate the use of AI for developing dating relationships, even if they don't always recognize its influence. The startling conclusion from this research is that a better understanding of AI technologies doesn't necessarily require more data-driven coding, but a deeper investigation into human perception, affect, and emotion. 

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