October 2018 Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein Today, Shelley's Novel and Contemporary Bioengineering
Dr. Michael Scrivener, Distinguished Professor of English, Wayne State University
Dr. Eric Meyer, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, LTU
Dr. Dan Shargel, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, LTU
October 18, 12:30

Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley published Frankenstein. The novel's author was only 20 years old at the time, but her story of a scientist creating a living, speaking being has become a cultural icon. Why does this novel continue to speak to us? In particular, what might it say about our current moment, when advances in bioengineering and artificial intelligence present us with new opportunities and ethical dilemmas? What would the novel look like is Victor Frankenstein were alive today?

Our panel of experts, representing bioengineering, philosophy, and literary studies, will help us address these questions. 

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