Asimov, the Ice Moons of Saturn, and New Humanities
Kenneth Knoespel
Georgia Institute of Technology
March 21
12:30 - Room S100

Care-ful Futures Design, Technology and the More than Human
Laura Forlano
Illinois Institute of Technology
February 19
6:00 - Room T429

Social Media, Relationships, and Technology
Stephanie T. Tong, PhD, Wayne State University
Jan 24
12:30 Room S100

Integrating Neuroscience and Cloud Technology to Reduce Institutional Barriers to Education
Dr. Franco Pestilli
Dec. 13
12:30 Room S100

Learning from Sci-Fi and Prototyping Alternative Futures
Sophia Brueckner
Nov. 15
6:30 Detroit Center for Design and Technology

Victor Frankenstein Today: Shelly's Novel and Contemporary Bioengineering
Eric Meyer - LTU
Dan Shargel - LTU
Michael Scrivener - Wayne State University
Oct. 18
12:30 Room A200

Are Computer Technologies Just Tools?
Dr. N. Katherine Hayles - Duke University
Oct. 11
12:30 Room A200