The Ethics of Autonomous Driving

Panel Discussion
The Ethics of Autonomous Driving
Southfield Public Library
April 18, 6pm

A panel discussion featuring representatives from industry, philosophy, and government. 

Dr. Miucic is a Technical Fellow and a Team Lead at Changan US R&D Center, Inc. His current research is in wireless communication, sensors for autonomous driving, and development of cooperative safety applications. 

Dr. Kuipers is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. Among his research in artificial intelligence and robotics, he is currently investigating ethics as a foundational domain
of knowledge for robots and other Als. 

Dr. Shargel is a Professor at Lawrence Tech and teaches philosophy. He is a technology enthusiast and focuses his research on emotions and moral psychology. 

Giuseppe Santangelo is the founder and CEO of Skypersonic, Inc. He collaborates with Wayne State University and Lawrence Tech as adjunct professor of the Autonomous Vehicles and Aerospace Propulsion courses. He studied Astronautical Engineering at the University "La Sapienza di Roma". 

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