Paychecks are processed on the 15th and last day of the month. If those days fall on a weekend the preceding Friday will be payday. See also Pay Calendar in BannerWeb for exact pay dates.

If you are bi-weekly, you are paid every other Friday, which is 26 pay periods per year. If you are semi-monthly you are paid on the 15th and last day of the month, see question above. See also Pay Calendar in BannerWeb for exact pay dates.

No, but direct deposit is strongly recommended, as it guarantees payment on payday.

Direct deposit is the safest, most confidential way to get your money into your checking or savings account. There is no worrying about lost, stolen, or damaged checks. Your money is in your account on payday. You will also receive a pay stub by mail. Direct deposit is simple, fast, reliable and convenient.

Yes, you may elect to have your money split up into as many accounts as you would like. You must specify by a certain dollar amount or percentage of your total check on the direct deposit form.

All part-time staff (students, hourly) on a bi-weekly payroll are required to enter hours into BannerWeb. All full-time salaried staff and non-academic administrators are required to enter exception time (vacation, sick, personal, etc) into BannerWeb.

To view dates for entering hours (bi-weekly pay period) or for entering exception time (semi-monthly pay period), access Banner Web, click on Employee Services, Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar or Semi-Monthly Payroll Calendar.

Hours not entered and approved in BannerWeb by the deadline will not be paid until the following pay period. If you cannot access your BannerWeb before the deadline you must email your supervisor immediately, with time-in, time-out, total hours per day and total hours for that pay period. Please also copy the Payroll Office at For semi-monthly exception time hours, include date(s) of the exception time, the number of hours per day, and the type leave used. Please also copy your supervisor.

Paychecks for bi-weekly staff are mailed the day before payday, this would include actual checks and direct deposit stubs. Paychecks and paystubs for semi-monthly staff are mailed to each department on payday. Please contact your department for further details.

Once we get a notification back from our bank (usually takes 2-3 business days) we will reissue you your pay as a manual check. For future pays you must update your account information or cancel your direct deposit.

Employers are required by the IRS to mail W-2s to employees by January 31. If you have not moved recently, your W-2 should come to you within a few days. If you have moved and have not completed a forwarding address form with the Postal Service, your W-2 may be delayed or may be returned to us. Contact Payroll at 248-204-2109 to verify the address in the system or to see if your W-2 has been returned.

All employees must pay Federal and State taxes, unless your country has a tax treaty with the United States. If you have a tax treaty and want to claim exempt from paying taxes, please contact the Payroll Office at 248-204-2109. As a non resident alien you are exempt from paying Social Security (FIO) and Medicare (FIM) taxes for 5 years if you are on a F-1 or J-1 Visa. After 5 tax years the Substantial Presence Test is administered to determine your taxability in the future. Please contact Payroll with any questions.

Student workers are exempt from paying Social Security (FIO) and Medicare (FIM) as long as they are registered for classes and enrolled in at least a half-time status (6 credits for Undergraduate and 3 Credits for Graduate). This is on a semester by semester basis.

Changes can be made from one paycheck to the next as long as they are received by the Payroll Office before we begin the payroll process. For bi-weekly the deadline is Monday at noon preceding the Friday pay date and for semi-monthly it needs to be received one week preceding the pay date.

A stop payment needs to be placed on the lost check before we can reissue a new one. Our bank requires a 30 day waiting period to reissue paychecks. Once the waiting period has passed a new check will be issued. Please make sure all contact information is updated so that we may reach you when payment has been reprocessed. To avoid this problem it is strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

LTU does not offer salary advances.