Due to COVID-19 nominations for Department of Excellence and Employee of the Month are not being accepted at this time.

Awards programs currently available to recognize Lawrence Technological University faculty, administration, and staff include the Department of Excellence Award, Employee of the Month, Marburger Awards and the Service Recognition Awards.

Department of Excellence Award - Submit Your Nominations

Deadline for Submissions:

This program will be effective each academic year from September through June.

Lawrence Technological University recognizes a department which has made a significant contribution to the University during one of the following periods (January–March; April–June; and September–November). All departments that have a unique budget are eligible for this award. 

The department receives a Note of Congratulations from the president about its recent accomplishments and what it means to the members of the unit and the University. The president and top executive of the division have a recognition gathering to share the Note of Congratulations and acknowledges team members. Photos are taken by Marketing and Public Affairs.

Award Criteria

1) Demonstrate exceptional financial and budget control
2) Receive an industry award from a recognized external constituent
3) Create a partnership that will benefit the University
4) Any other contribution which is noteworthy

Current Winner

LTU's fourth quarter Department of Excellence award goes to:
The Office of Campus Safety

Employee of the Month AwardSubmit Your Nominations

Deadline for Submissions:

This program runs each academic year from September through June.

Lawrence Technological University (LTU) recognizes an employee who has made a significant contribution to the department during the previous month. Eligible employees include all full-time and part-time staff, and administrators excluding vice presidents, provost and deans. Campus Dining and Campus Facilities employees may be considered for this award.  

Awardee receive a gift that relates to the honoree’s hobby presented to the employee with an Employee of the Month certificate; the president visits selected employees in their work setting to present them with an Employee of the Month certificate and thank each honoree personally for a job well done. Photos to be taken by Marketing and Public Affairs and campus facilities dedicates a parking space closest to the building entrance to the selected employee.

Award Criteria

1) Exceptional Attendance
2) Exemplary Customer Service
3) Implementation of a project/program/partnership that will benefit department objectives
4) Any other contribution which the nominator believes is noteworthy

Current Winner

Employee of the Month – February 2020
Tammy Botzen (right), administrative assistant from the College of Engineering Dean's Office, is shown with Dr. Virinder Moudgil, president and chief executive officer.

Service Recognition Awards

LTU recognizes employees for their years of service every five years beginning at five years of service. Each awardee receives a specially designed LTU service award lapel pin. Employees with 15 or more years of service may choose from a variety of awards from a special order catalog. All awardees are honored annually at a luncheon ceremony held in September.


Marburger AwardsSubmit Your Nominations

President Emeritus Richard Marburger, PhD, and his wife Mary founded this awards program. The Marburger Awards program is designed to recognize faculty, administration, and staff who contributed the most outstanding and meritorious service that year. Recipients receive a certificate and $1,000 cash award. Awardees of this program are elected by their peers and honored annually at a luncheon ceremony in December. 

Awardees may be recognized in one of the following ways:

  • Campus-wide email from the president’s office congratulating the winners and nominees.
  • Faculty and Staff E-newsletter.
  • Photo plaque displayed on the Wall of Appreciation.
  • During campus-wide award ceremonies.