The Office of University Housing, along with the University, has worked diligently on making the residence halls safe for the return of our students. The following will detail updates to our current University Housing Guidelines to reflect COVID-19 responses and share new details about keeping students safe and healthy.

Quarantine Guidelines

Any student required to quarantine for either a positive test or potential exposure must follow the steps outlined below:

  • A representative from the Dean of Students' Office will contact you with the specific details of your quarantine.
  • You must complete the Quarantine Agreement Form and return it to your contact within 1 hour. 
  • If you are quarantining on campus, you must follow the instructions on the Quarantine Agreement Form. 

When leaving quarantine, you must complete the Quarantine Check Out Form.

These steps are subject to change per the Dean of Student's Office and/or the Office of University Housing.
Below are the mentioned forms required for students completing their quarantine on campus.

Testing Requirements

Students residing in University Housing are required to be tested for COVID-19 before they return to campus. Tests must be completed within 7 days of returning to campus. 
If a student is not able to acquire test results or get tested before move-in, they must notify University Housing as soon as possible. 

Students must email their test results to by 9 a.m. on Friday, January 15th, 2021. 

Students who receive a positive test should not report to campus until a negative test is received and sent to the Office of University Housing. They should contact the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of University Housing to report the positive test. The Office of the Dean of Students will work with students regarding class accommodations and the Office of University Housing will work with the students on a potential move-in date and holding of their room.

Local students should review the COVID Testing Sites, which contains local, free testing sites in Oakland County. 

Students who are not local should arrange for testing at a facility nearest them. 

International students must complete a 14 day self-quarantine period. 

Safety Measures

  • Bathrooms
    • Residents of East and Reuss Hall will be assigned a specific bathroom, toilet, sink, and shower to use. They must only use this assigned space, unless their stall is out of order, or if there has been an unexpected change in the cleaning schedule. 
      • Community restrooms will have a scheduled cleaning time. Students are responsible for coordinating their bathroom usage around this cleaning time. If an emergency occurs, students may use the Emergency ADA bathroom(s) of their respective building and/or floor. 
    • In East and Reuss Halls, partitions will be placed between each sink to help with splashing. 
    • Residents of Donley and South Hall and Arbor Lofts should only use the bathroom in their apartment, even when visiting with friends on other floors. 
  • Campus Facilities will be providing the following:
    • Maintenance work order appointments for non-emergency work orders to assist with social distancing. Non-emergency work orders will be scheduled for when residents are not in the room. 
      • If an emergency work order occurs, residents will be asked to vacate the room until the work is complete to assist with social distancing. 
    • Touch points will be cleaned daily throughout the residence halls and on campus. 
    • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the residence halls and on campus. 
    • Although water fountains will be out of order, Campus Facilities is working on installing additional fill stations throughout the residence halls.
  • The University has identified a secured location on campus for students who report symptoms of COVID-19. 

Updated Policies

  • Any student found in violation of any of these policies will be subject to disciplinary action which, depending on severity, may include removal from housing, or suspension from the University. 

    • Residents must participate in a daily temperature screening. University Housing Guidelines,Page 7.
    • Residents must wear a mask any time they are in a common area within the residence halls. University Housing Guidelines,Page 7.
    • Residents must not remove any personal items belonging to any other person from a common area, specifically laundry. University Housing Guidelines, Page 7.
    • Only approved students will be eligible to stay in University Housing after the Thanksgiving Break. University Housing Guidelines, Page 9.
    • Guest Policy - Please see University Housing Guidelines, Page 17 for the full Guest Policy.
      • No outside guests will be permitted. This includes family and friends that are not LTU students who currently live in University Housing. 
        • To clarify, LTU students who live in Arbor Lofts, but do not have a University Housing contract are considered "off-campus" residents, and are not permitted guests in University Housing at this time.
      • To comply with social distancing guidelines, residents of East and Reuss Halls are advised to not have guests in their individual rooms, but are allowed one guest per resident. No more than 4 people should gather in any East or Reuss Hall room.
      • To comply with social distancing guidelines, residents of Donley and South Halls are limited to one guest per resident. No more than four people should gather in any space within the apartment.
      • Residents must check in their guests at the front desk of their building and guests must:
        • Show the desk they have completed their daily health screening on GoCanvas and have a Green Screen for the day.
        • Have their temperature taken at the desk.
        • Have a "Guest Pass" on their person at all times while in the building.
      • Failure to follow any of the University Housing Guest Policy will result in removal of guest privileges for the entire semester, at the discretion of the Residence Hall Coordinator and the Director of University Housing.
    • Residents in East and Reuss Hall must use their assigned bathroom, even when visiting another floor. University Housing Guidelines, Page 21.
    • The East Hall Gym, when open, is for resident use only. You must comply with all gym policies. University Housing Guidelines, Page 21.

What You Can Do

  • Mask up. Wear a mask or face covering any time you are in a common area space on campus. 
  • Do not let others use your personal items. If you live in apartment style housing, you may want to consider keeping bathroom items in your room when not in use. 
  • Social distance. Please keep at least 6 feet between you and others.
  • Disinfect common area spaces after use. Sanitation supplies will be available.
  • Complete the daily health screening form via the GoCanvas app. See the Campus Safety website for more information on the app.