Housing will close at 10am on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020.
Housing will reopen at 10am on Sunday, January 17th, 2021.  

This page contains information that will also be distributed at mandatory floor meetings in the residence halls starting October 26th.

For detailed information regarding Winter Break Closing, including Room Change Requests, Meal Plan Changes, or Housing Cancellations, please visit our Winter Break Closing Information page. 

Thanksgiving Closing

  • All residents, unless approved to stay, must vacate the residence halls by 10am on Wednesday, November 25th.
  • Residents will be given a form to turn into the Information Desk of their respective residence halls to indicate University Housing that they have left for the break during the week of November 16th.
  • Arbor Lofts residents must use the Arbor Lofts Closing Form and submit it to the Office of University Housing by 4pm on November 9th, 2020.
  • University Housing will be inspecting rooms on Wednesday, November 25th to ensure that residents have vacated the buildings. 
  • University Housing will be inspecting rooms the week of November 30th to assess any work orders.
  • Residents should take home what they will need for the break, as they will not be allowed back in the residence hall for any items left behind. We encourage residents to also bring home any valuable items. 
  • The University and University Housing are not liable for any lost, stolen, or misplaced items. 

Requests to Stay

  • Residents must submit a Request to Stay Form if they may need to stay on campus after the Thanksgiving Break. 
  • There are very specific reasons to request to stay after Thanksgiving Break.
  • Most requests will be denied, and residents must give an explanation of why they may need to stay during the break period. 
  • Request to Stay forms are due no later than 4pm on November 9th, 2020.
  • If you are approved to stay, you will be notified by November 16th, 2020. 
    • You will not receive a partial refund if you are approved to stay.
  • There will be no food service after Thanksgiving Break, and other services, such as Tech Transit, may be limited. 
  • All University Housing Guideline policies are still in effect - including the No Guest policy. 
  • Residents approved to stay must cotinue completing the GoCanvas daily health screenings. 
  • East and Reuss residents may be moved to a different building.
  • Residents who are approved to stay after Thanksgiving Break will need to vacate housing by 10am on December 18th. 
  • Residents who need to stay during the Winter Break will need to reapply.