Senior Resident Assistant – Arley

This is my fourth and final year on the housing staff. I have been an RA in South all four years. I graduated with my B.S. Arch in May of 2017 and I started my M. Arch degree that summer. I am currently in my second year in grad school! I took a semester away from LTU last fall to participate in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Florida. I am an active sister of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. I am looking forward the new school year and being an SRA! Let’s rock this year!!


Second Floor RA – Alex

My name is Alex and I am a junior in the Architectural Engineering program. I love traveling, watching movies, and eating sushi.


Third Floor RA – Jes

Hi, I’m Jes. This is my second year on staff and I am a senior in the Architectural Engineering Program. I love running, reading, drawing, and the great outdoors.


Fourth Floor RA – Maurice

Hey my name is Maurice. I am a Mechanical Engineer major who loves to play music, eat, and play video games. My hobbies include playing the saxophone, and traveling (when I am able to). I am a part of the LTU Marching Band, CRU, and the Theta Tau Fraternity.


Fifth Floor RA – Katie

Hi! My name is Katie and I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy kayaking, softball, and Star Wars. I excited for this year!


Sixth Floor RA – George

Hello everybody! My name is George Arango, I am from Chicago but moved to Puerto Rico because snow :( . I am car crazy and that’s why I came to the car capital to study mechanical engineering. I am looking forward to another fantastic year!


Seventh Floor RA – Delaney

My name is Delaney Barr, and I am a Sophomore in Transportation Design, here at LTU. I am 19 years old and I love cars way too much. I am from the West Coast, Oregon to be exact. For fun I like driving, and go karting, I also like to work out a lot. I love food, and I will be cooking a lot, I am also in love with ice cream. Also I love watching movies, listening to any kind of music, besides heavy metal. All in all I’m pretty normal. Yep, that’s me :D


Eighth Floor RA – Brandon

I’m Brandon, I am a junior majoring in Architectural Engineering. I am a member of the Architectural Engineering Institute and ASHRAE. My hobbies range from fitness to cooking and binge watching TV shows. I am always in search and interested in learning new and exciting things. I look forward to this year as a Resident Assistant.


Ninth Floor RA - Lu

Hello, my name is Lauren, but you can call me Lu! I am a Game Art major who loves creating art, watching horror movies, and eating fries.