The burning of a lighted cigarette, cigar, or any other substance that contains a tobacco product is prohibited within the residence halls and up to 25 feet from any entrance. Any apparatus or paraphernalia (i.e. hookahs, electric cigs, pipes) that is necessary for smoking is also prohibited.

Smoking is not allowed in common areas or balconies. A $200 cleaning charge will be assessed to the occupants of a room in which individuals are smoking. Residents or guests found in violation of the smoking policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Designated smoking areas are the exclusive location for those who wish to smoke. The designated smoking area for Donley Hall is the sidewalk by the North Entrance or the Lower Entrance. Smoking is not allowed by the Front North Entrance or the patio area.

The designated smoking area for South is 25 feet from the Main Entrance. The designated smoking area for Reuss is 25 feet from the Main Entrance.



As outlined by the Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as Section C of the Student Code of Conduct, possession, use, manufacturing, or distribution of the following on University property (including the residence halls), except as expressly permitted by law, is prohibited:

  • Illegal drugs (i.e. marijuana, heroin, narcotics, or other controlled substances)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia (i.e. pipes, bongs, hookahs)

Campus Safety will be called to investigate and contact the appropriate government authority if local, state, or federal laws have been violated.

Those present in a room where the drug policy has been violated (even if not personally violating University policy and/or state laws) will be subject to disciplinary action up to termination from housing or removal from the University, as well as referral to the appropriate government authority.


Medicinal Marijuana

Although many states (Michigan included) have passed laws legalizing medicinal marijuana, all forms of marijuana continue to be illegal under federal law. Federal law supersedes state law: as a result, institutions are not obligated to accommodate users of medical marijuana in residence halls, on campus, or otherwise. LTU does not allow the use or possession of any form of marijuana on campus.