*Not pictured Jacob Crane



Senior Resident Assistant – Trent

Hey! I'm Trent and I am currently a fourth year dual degree Architecture & Interior Architecture Student. This is my third year on staff, and it has been great thus far. I love to read, work with people, and to run & stay healthy. I am currently in a loving relationship with Carrie Underwood, and we are planning on building a house this spring! My role models include both Ron Swanson, Kim Jerdine, and my lovely wife Carrie Underwood. After graduating, I plan to work for a while before starting my own Architecture and Interior Design Practice. 


A Pod First Floor RA – Evelyn

Hello there! My name is Evelyn and I am a fourth year Architectural Engineering student. This is my second year on staff and I am a member of the Delta Tau Sigma sorority. In my spare time (on the off-chance that I actually have some) I like to read, do photography, enjoy nature, or get tattoos. I’m really looking forward to a new year full of experiences.


A Pod Second Floor RA – Jacob

I will be wrapping up my Actuarial Science degree at LTU this fall semester. My areas of study includes Accounting, Finance, Economics, Probability and Statitistics, and Modelling. I like to keep myself busy by maintaining a heavy course load and working on campus. Lawrence Tech  has provided me with many connections and opportunities. As a Resident Assistant, it is my goal to encourage residents to get the most out of their time here. I am eager to meet everyone and start the 2018-2019 school year together. My favorite color is grey, favorite movie is There Will Be Blood, and favorite candy is Starburst.


B Pod First Floor RA – Channelle

Non-Judgmental 4’ 11”media communication major who waited until her Senior year to get a minor in graphic design (Wooop!) When I am not stuffing my face with pizza or popcorn, I like to watch movies and TV shows, some of my favorites are Game of Thrones and Scandal. Also in my spare time I like to take photographs and make videos. After I graduate I hope to get a job out of state for an advertising agency or movie studio.


B Pod Second Floor RA – Megan

Hello! My name is Megan and I’m a Junior in the Graphic Design program. I love reading, ghost stories, and bad reality TV. This is my first year as an RA and I couldn’t be more excited!


C Pod RA – John

Sup, guys! I’m John and this is my second year as a resident assistant, and third year at LTU. In my free time, I like to run on LTU’s Cross Country team, pet dogs, explore, and hang out with my friends. I am excited to see what next year has in store!


D Pod First Floor RA – Emily

While being a second year RA, I am a Junior in the Biomedical Engineering program here at LTU. I am also in the Honor’s College and a member of the Women’s Cross Country team here at LTU. Some of my hobbies include running and listening to audiobooks. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, and basically anything that has to do with nature. I am also a huge sucker for any type of animals because I grew up in a very small, rural farming community in Northern Michigan. I am excited for this year and I can’t wait to meet all my new residents!


D Pod Second Floor RA – Carson

My name is Carson Kraenzlein, I am from Midland, Michigan. I am a sophomore pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. I love cars, working out, and spending time in the Keweenaw Peninsula. This is my first year as a Resident Assistant, and I look forward you having a great year with all of the students!


E Pod First Floor RA – Shelby

Hello, my name is Shelby. I am on the Dance Team here at LTU. I am part of the Delta Tau Sigma Sorority, and I am a Senator in Student Government. I am also in the Honor’s College. I’m very busy on campus, so I’m sure I can answer many of your questions. I can’t wait to get to know my residents!


E Pod Second Floor RA- London

Hi! My name is London Varalli and I am a third year student in Biomedical Engineering and Molecular and Cellular Biology. This is my third year as a Resident Assistant and I am excited to be on staff this year! :)