ATTENTION: The new 2015-2016 Applications are not ready yet; PLEASE FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THE AVAILABLE FORM TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. The Office of University Housing will ask you to update your application when the new forms are ready but, it is still important to reserve your spot. 

Thank you for applying to live in the residence halls while you pursue your education at Lawrence Technological University. Research shows that students who live in residence halls are more likely to make more connections with other students and get involved in campus life. Most important, they achieve higher GPAs when compared to commuter students. Therefore, please join your fellow students who have made the decision to live on campus.

Any student with 59 credits or less and live more than 30 minutes away is expected to live on campus in North or South Housing.


Instructions for New Students:

You can submit your $200 housing application fee via one of the following ways:

1. Mail to:
Lawrence Technological University
21000 W. Ten Mile, C405
Office of University Housing
Southfield, MI 48075

2. Phone with Credit Card
Office of University Housing

Pat Day in Student Accounting

3.  Fax:
Please use this form and fax it back to 248-204-3920

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Office of University Housing via email at or by phone at 248.204.3940.

Housing Renewal Instructions for Returning and Current Students:

All housing renewal information and the updated application will be posted by Friday, March 28, 2014. Please check back soon!

Housing renewal gives every current resident an opportunity to reserve a space in the residence halls for the next academic year before all available spaces are opened up to the new applicants.

Please review all the information in the Housing Renewal document. Don't forget to review all housing rates and meal plan rates, requirements, and options using the links on the main menu.

You may attend housing renewal if you are a current student but not a current resident. Please review “Renewal 2014” for more information.

All students will be notified with their housing assignment by email in mid-July.

All residents participating in housing renewal should fill out the application, print it, and bring it to housing renewal with them along with their student ID.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Office of University Housing by email at

or by phone at 248.204.3940.


Summer Housing

All students applying for summer housing must do so separately from the Fall-Spring application.

If you are attending housing renewal please bring your summer housing application with you to turn in. If you are applying for summer housing and not attending housing renewal or are applying for summer housing after housing renewal please email your summer housing application to the Office of University Housing.

If you are having problems emailing the application please open the PDF, save it to your computer and email it as an attachment.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Office of University Housing by email at

or by phone at 248.204-.3940.

Contract Cancellation Information

Students may cancel their housing application at any time, however they may forfeit their housing application fee/deposit and may face up to an additional $300 fee. Please review the cancellation policy on your housing application for full details.

If you are requesting to cancel your contract, please fill out the Contract Release Form and submit it to You will be notified of the status of your request.

Contract Release Form (*.pdf)