Please read the following information carefully, as our renewal procedures and schedule have changed:

Housing Renewal for Fall 2022 will be a hybrid method with students turning in their applications in-person and Housing staff will select the placement. Students will be able to choose their preferred roommates, if any, and provide up to five (5) preferred rooms per room option. Housing staff will use this information to complete Fall 2022 placement. 

Students are given a specific day to bring their completed forms to the Welcome Center, C406, in the Taubman Student Services building. Status is based on current credits completed, and does not include credits being taken during the Spring 2022 semester. 

All forms must be submitted between 9am and 12pm (noon) on the assigned day. 

Make sure you and your roommates submit your application materials on the date of the roommate with the highest class ranking. For example, if a Senior, two Juniors, and a Sophomore want to live together, all forms may be submitted on the Senior Day (Tuesday, April 5th). However, any of the roommates can submit the forms, it does not have to be the roommate with Senior status. 

Students with a housing accommodation through the Office of Disability Services should bring their roommates' applications with theirs on the Housing Accommodation day. 

To find out your current status and your assigned date to email your application, please refer to the card that was given to you by your Resident Assistant. If you did not receive a card, or you lost/misplaced it, please email

Please make sure that you and your roommates email your forms on the date of the roommate with the highest class ranking. If this is not done, your place in line will be time-stamped for the actual date and time that your forms were submitted. For example - if a Senior, two Juniors, and a Sophomore want to live together, the Senior should email everyone's forms on Monday, April 5th.

Early applications will not be accepted.

Renewal Schedule

Monday, April 4th

Students with approved housing accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.

This does not include students who only have a meal plan accommodation.

If you are not using your accommodation, you MUST come duirng your assigned Class Status time.

Tuesday, April 5th

Graduate Students & Seniors (90 credits or more)

Wednesday, April 6th

Juniors (60 - 89 credits)

Thursday, April 7th

Sophomores (30 - 59 credits)

Friday, April 8th

Freshmen (0 - 29 credits)

Monday, April 11th and/or later

Late applicants and/or commuter students who are not signing up with a current housing resident.