Housing Contract

This housing application is for current LTU students only. Current housing residents should be sure to review the Housing Renewal section and attend their appropriate Housing Renewal Day. Commuter students applying to live in University Housing may either attend the Housing Renewal make up day, attend Housing Renewal with a current housing student if you will be their roommate, or turn in your housing application to the Office of University Housing, C404.


Please be sure to complete the entire application, including the Emergency Contact and Insurance Information page. You can turn in this application at the Housing Office in C404.

The Current Student Application is only for the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Current Student Application Instructions
Current Student Application


If you have not chosen roommates, please fill out the roommate survey and bring it with your completed application when you come your Housing Renewal Day.

Roommate Survey


To find the summer housing application, please see the summer housing section or click here.