Resident Rights and Expectations

Roommate Bill of Rights

Residents and their roommate(s) have the right to:

  • Remedy and file grievances
  • Be free from fear, intimidation, and physical or emotional harm
  • Read, study, and sleep in one’s room without unreasonable disturbance
  • Seek mediation assistance from University Housing staff during disputes
  • Free access to a clean and safe living environment that offers independence and privacy which does not negatively impact residential life


Roommate Expectations

A roommate can be a tutor, advisor, and friend with whom residents will share experiences full of fun, anxiety, and everything in between. University Housing hopes that the relationships that residents build with roommate(s) will outlive the years spent studying at Lawrence Tech.

Living with a roommate can be a unique situation. Most issues that arise can be resolved by keeping an open avenue of communication with roommate(s). It is important to remember that roommate(s) may have feelings or opinions different than other roommates. It will take effort to resolve issues and come to compromises and common understandings. University Housing urges residents to develop these lifelong skills. However, it is strongly advised residents contact their Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Coordinator, or the Director of Residence Life if roommates are unable to work through a conflict. If a roommate mediation cannot assist with roommate issues/concerns, University Housing will decide if a roommate and/or all roommates will need to relocate to another room.

Residents can also contact their Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Coordinator to complete a Roommate Agreement Form, discussed and agreed upon by all roommates. All first year students will be required to complete the Roommate Agreement Form during the first month of the semester. 

Roommate Agreement Form

Residents wishing to have co-ed living situations must sign the Co-Ed living agreement.

Co-ed Policy + Contract

Community Member Expectations

As a resident of University Housing at Lawrence Technological University, students play an active role in helping create a safe and inclusive community for all residents. All residents are expected to contribute positively to the community and adhere to the following expectations:

  • Residents are expected to consider the rights of other residents at all times. A resident's actions in the community should not interfere with another's rights listed in the sections above. In addition, resident actions should not interfere with the University's ability to create and maintain an educational environment within the residence halls. 
  • All residents share equal responsibility for adhering to, enforcing and knowing community expectations. Each resident is involved in the development of the floor community, expected to refrain from anything that disrupts the community, and assist in maintaining community standards and reporting disruptions to the community.
  • Residents are expected to keep common areas within the building clean. Residents will be held accountable and fined for common area billing if the floor/pod or building is not kept up to standard.