As stated in the University Housing Guidelines

University Housing staff will enter a room when:

  • There is reasonable cause to believe there is or has been a Student Code of Conduct Violation
  • A staff member knocks and is invited into the room
  • A violation of the Student Code of Conduct and/or University Housing Guidelines occurs in plain view
  • Conducting Room Inspections
  • Appropriate University officials determine it is necessary

The Office of University Housing will conduct at least one Room Inspection per semester. Residents will be informed of a time frame in which inspections will occur.

University Housing staff members will look for prohibited items as well as health and safety concerns. Any room where all residents are under the age of 21 will have their refrigerator inspected. A failed inspection may result in disciplinary action or fines for the roommate(s) responsible. 

Items that are illegal or prohibited will be confiscated and the resident(s) will be subject to disciplinary action up to termination from housing or removal from the University, and depending upon the violation a referral to an appropriate government authority.

If there is reasonable cause to protect the welfare of students or extraordinary situations, emergency repairs or changes may occur.

A minimum of two staff members of University Housing will conduct the search. These staff members will knock on the door and announce the purpose of entering. Unless specifically ordered by University officials, the resident(s) are not required to be present.

All areas and spaces of the room, as well as all contents wherein, are subject to search. Designated University Officials or police officers may commence a search within the appropriate legal procedures for search and seizure.


If students pass their room inspection, they will receive a paper stating they had passed. If a room fails, a paper will be left for the students stating why they had failed. Fines or disciplinary actions may occur at this point depending on the severity of the situation. Second room inspections will occur by the RA of the floor within one month after the first round of room inspections have been complete. If a student passes their second room inspection, they will receive a slip stating so. If students fail their second room inspection, a fine or disciplinary actions may occur. 

RA's will be filling out the below sheets to determine what the staff will be looking for. 

Reuss and East Inspection Form

Donley and South Room Inspection Form

Any questions in regards to room inspections, procedure, and what is allowed/not allowed in housing can be directed to housing@ltu.edu or you can visit us in C404.

Room Inspection dates will be posted in advance each semester.