Upperclassmen Move In Fall 2022

Upperclassmen Move In is Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st from 9AM - 2PM.


What to Expect on Move In Day
Check in is located in the lobby of the building you are assigned to live in.
What you need:

  • Student ID
  • Any documents you have yet to turn in

You will receive your keys and Room/Apartment Condition Inventory form (RCI/ACI) at check in.

  • Fill out your RCI or ACI and return it to the check in table - this ensures you will not be charged for existing damages to your room at the end of the year
    Now you can begin moving in!

Please Note: Limited carts and bins will be available on a first come first serve basis 



Main Office - housing@ltu.edu - 248.204.3940

East Hall - easthall@ltu.edu - 248.204.7950

Reuss Hall - reusshall@ltu.edu -  248.204.7940

South Hall - southhall@ltu.edu - 248.204.3955

Donley Hall - donleyhall@ltu.edu - 248.204.7919

University Housing Guidelines