Rent the MicroFridge Combo for $129.99 for the school year.

The easy, affordable way to have a refrigerator, freezer, AND microwave in your residence hall room!

Check out the MircoFridge here.

If ordered by August 1, 2019, the product will be delivered to the student's room before move-in day.

Why should a student rent a Fridge / Microwave Combo?

Renting a Multipliance is a convenient alternative to purchasing a separate refrigerator and microwave and moving it from home to back at the end of the year.

This Multipliance unit includes a refrigerator, true freezer, and microwave - all-in-one!

The unique three-in-one appliance is cost-effective and a must-have item for students attending school from far away or out-of-state.

Fridge and Microwave Combo


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